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Political Tensions Rise: The People’s Alliance on the Brink of Collapse?

After the election, with the exception of two, the entire Erdogan cabinet has been revamped as it marks its first year. Mehmet Şimşek, who took over the economy, has doubled the inflation rate he inherited at 38% to 76%. The dollar has risen from 20 to 33 TL, and the interest rate from 8.5% to 50%. Pensions and minimum wages are below the poverty line. Is it just the economy?

Turkey ranks fifth globally in the misery index and 117th in the rule of law. In the last 10 years, two out of every ten children starting school did not complete high school. There are 356 prisoners per 100,000 people, making Turkey the leader in Europe by a wide margin. The wounds of the earthquakes centered in Adıyaman and Hatay on February 6, 2023, have not been healed, and even 16 months later, the debris has not been fully cleared.

This balance sheet falls apart no matter where you touch it. There is nothing good.

This is what concerns the citizens. The problems to be solved are immense, growing exponentially every day, and there is no way to reverse this downward trend as long as this government continues. The nation is aware of this. However, there is neither a desire for change in the government nor in the opposition to change the government.

If the election is held on time, there are four whole years left. The price of a hamburger menu, which was 13.95 at the end of 2018, has now reached 245 lira, and imagine what it will be in four years. According to the famous tea-bagel calculation, millions can’t make ends meet.

This is the actual pressing agenda.

And look at the topics we’re discussing: Ogün Samast’s rosary, Devlet Bahçeli’s ring, Meral Akşener’s office, Sinan Oğan’s return to the fields.

Last week passed with the Aziz Yıldırım-Ali Koç confrontation. Previous weeks were no different.

Crucial problems will not be solved without changing the government, and new ones will be added, widening the gap every month. There are two ways to change: either go to an early election or the government collapses internally. I see little chance for the former, the latter is being discussed.

Two weeks ago I wrote: In the AKP-MHP coalition, while the state became mafia-like, the mafia became state-like. Erdoğan loaded this sin of the regime onto his partner by setting up the game he knows well. The Sinan Ateş indictment was written as Bahçeli wanted, but the files not included there were served to the media and the trial started with the MHP General Headquarters being condemned before it even began. This murder is only a knife stabbed into the MHP and a weapon that the Palace will bleed as it pleases. Erdoğan has no intention of solving the murder, he is using it.

In the last two weeks, the crisis has not only failed to be resolved sweetly but has also grown, and the fire has reached the rafters. On Tuesday, Devlet Bahçeli, speaking to the MHP group, had to make a lengthy written statement about the new situation on Wednesday. The panic and flare-up in the junior partner are clearly visible. Before the ink of the statement even dried, it was revealed that the Bursa Ülkü Ocakları followed Sinan Ateş’s sister, Selma Ateş, with two different vehicles.

It didn’t end there: After the Sinan Ateş murder, a Special Forces police officer, Veysel Öztürk, who was a close friend of MHP’s Olcay Kılavuz and was sent from Ankara to Hatay, killed his wife and two children with a silenced weapon, then burned his computer and cell phone, and later committed suicide, and this came to light a month later, focusing suspicions here.

Bahçeli is very angry. The sole reason for his latest written statement is the damage the Sinan Ateş case has done to the MHP and the increasing damage as this agenda continues.

MHP’s leader thought he had secured the situation with the clean-ups in the indictment, but this time, the Police and Intelligence have solid evidence linking the murder to the MHP, and these will be discussed in the trial starting on July 1.

For this reason, Bahçeli specifically noted, “The MHP will be present at the trial, ready to confront the pawns of dark games in court.” A major duel is set for July 1..!

Is the People’s Alliance disintegrating?

Bahçeli’s statement is addressed to Erdoğan and essentially says, “Even if interactions irritate me, I will endure and not break the partnership.”

Normally, AKP would not respond to this, but this time they did. The party spokesman, Ömer Çelik, tweeted, “We will continue to sign strong policies,” and added, “Our determination on this matter is complete.”

A major regime crisis is unfolding in Ankara.

Whether this unraveling will hold, the clash on July 1 will tell.”

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