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Potential US Sanctions Loom Over Turkey: An Analysis by Former Diplomat Ömer Murat

In his recent article published in Kronos Haber, a Turkish online news platform, former Turkish diplomat and political expert Ömer Murat highlights the increasing possibility of US sanctions against Turkey. Following a pattern established since Sweden and Finland’s NATO membership bid, the recent visit by Brian Nelson from the US Treasury Department to Ankara marks a significant warning from the Biden administration.

President Erdoğan’s diplomatic maneuvers, aimed at reducing tensions, are overshadowed by Turkey’s alleged involvement in facilitating sensitive exports to Russia, which are believed to breach US sanctions. With the Turkish economy already in a precarious state, the threat of US sanctions could have far-reaching implications. Murat’s analysis underscores the complexity of Turkey’s geopolitical position and the potential for serious consequences.

‘Biden is once again swinging a serious sanctions stick towards Erdoğan. It is evident that the Turkish economy, already in crisis due to Erdoğan’s “nervous mind” economic practices, does not have the strength to withstand heavy sanctions from the US. It would not be surprising if the AKP leader immediately steps back again, swiftly passing Sweden’s participation protocol through the TBMM Foreign Affairs Committee without delay. At that stage, he might delay the voting in the General Assembly with a diplomatic “skill” reminiscent of haggling in the Grand Bazaar.

In such a delay, we might witness the activation of another mechanism in the cycle mentioned above, encountering special reports in the international press similar to those starting legal investigations into allegations of Bilal Erdoğan negotiating bribes with Western companies through a theology professor.’ Murat wrote.

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Former Turkish Diplomat Omer Murat

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