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President of German Journalists Association, Frank Überall, Meets Exiled Journalists and Condemns Injustices in Turkey

Frank Überall, the President of the German Journalists Association (DJU), visited the exhibition organized by the Tenkil Museum, established with the support of exiled journalists, at the historic Gestapo Prison in Germany Bold Media reported. During the “Media and Justice” panel, Überall expressed his concern over the injustices taking place in Turkey and emphasized the need to focus on Turkey and press freedom. He stated, “We will direct our attention to Turkey and press freedom, but this will be a long process. Diplomacy and journalism require pressure in the pursuit of justice.”

The exhibition, titled “Media and Justice,” showcases symbols of the oppression in Turkey and was held at the historic Gestapo Prison in Germany, with the participation of exiled journalists and individuals affected by government decrees (KHK) in Turkey. Frank Überall, in his speech at the panel, also toured the exhibition that highlights the injustices in Turkey. During the event, Überall had the opportunity to meet with exiled journalists, listen to their experiences, and engage with them. He was accompanied by the Tenkil Museum officials and Mustafa Kılıç, the Secretary-General of the International Journalists Association e.V.

Photo credit : Bold Media


Frank Überall expressed his hope that the suffering witnessed at the exhibition would never happen again and stressed the importance of fighting against such atrocities. He admired the incredible individuals who raised their voices against injustice and emphasized the need for journalists to raise their voices even louder, surpassing figures like Putin or Erdoğan.

Regarding his work on Turkey, Überall mentioned that during his visits to Turkey, journalists have urged him to make people talk about their plight. He made it his motto to fulfill this responsibility and stated his belief that critical voices should never be silenced, even if Erdogan desires it. He further emphasized the collective responsibility in this regard.


As the President of the German Journalists Association, Überall underscored their continuous support for journalists who are not allowed to practice their profession in Turkey. He emphasized the importance of enabling fellow journalists to raise their voices in Germany and share their problems. Expressing his impressions of the Tenkil Museum exhibition, he described it as the most authentic “insight” experience he has ever had.

Continuing his speech, Überall said, “Even though the elections in Turkey were dubious, Erdoğan won by a very small margin. I hope they will never be able to silence critical voices. This is our responsibility. The stories featured in the exhibition include those of brave individuals of all ages and genders. You must raise your voice as strongly as the Erdoğan regime against human rights violations in Turkey. You cannot make progress by recounting the injustices and oppressions to people waiting in line at a supermarket. You must tell the right people in the right platforms. The elections in Turkey were far from being fair. Even in an unfair election, Erdoğan could barely win. We must not forget this.”

Photo Credit: Bold Media


The traveling exhibition, titled “Remembering, Confronting, Healing,” aims to serve as a powerful witness to the inviolability of human rights and as a memory function against the forgetting of systematic human rights violations considered crimes against humanity. The exhibition takes place at the historic prison that was a central location for torture and mistreatment during the Nazi era, where the secret police organization, Gestapo, imprisoned dissidents and sent many to their deaths.

As the last stop of the exhibition’s European tour, the Tenkil Museum showcases the memories left behind by victims in the original untouched cells and dungeons. Since its opening on July 10, the exhibition has attracted numerous visitors. Volunteer youths provide guidance in Turkish, English, German, and French to those who visit. The exhibition will be open until July 30.

Visitors can explore the exhibition on Fridays from 15:00 to 19:00, and on Saturdays and Sundays from 12:00 to 18:00. Groups of more than 15 people can also apply to the Tenkil Museum to visit the exhibition on different days.

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