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Promoting Brotherhood: Ahmet Kurucan Responds to Hayrettin Karaman’s Sibling Family Project with Generous Offer

I don’t follow the Erdogan Government backed propaganda media that easily spouts lies, slander, defamation, and insults in Turkey. I cannot stand witnessing people who have made lies their bread and butter, and as they sink into an abyss of bottomless darkness, they delude themselves into believing that it is a rise. I simply cannot fathom how a person, especially a Muslim, can stoop so low.

Last night, while spending about 15-20 minutes on Twitter, a post by Hayrettin Karaman, whom I haven’t been following for a while, came across my feed. He was talking about a sibling family project. I got curious and clicked on the link to read his article in Yeni Şafak, one of the leading newspapers of the propaganda machine in Turkey. I can say both positive and negative things about the article.

The positive aspects are those reflections that embrace Islamic, humane, and moral values, emphasizing fraternity and sacrifice.

The negative aspects are the things that should have been present in such an article, but they were not. Apparently, objections must have been raised, prompting Karaman to write his next article with the title “Nepotism/Mediation Examination” the following week. The first sentence of the article reads as follows: “The relationship between politicians, bureaucrats, high-level administrators, their relatives, and influential people with the public should be formed and operated according to the interests of the nation and the state, not based on individuals’ interests. If mediation is to be done, it must be done in accordance with this basic rule!”

I don’t think Karaman particularly follows and reads my articles, but I know they are conveyed to him. Recently, during a conversation with a friend whom he hasn’t cut off contact with, and still hasn’t, he was asked why he remained silent about the persecution of members of the Gülen movement, to which he responded by mentioning me and my articles, saying, “Well, do you not read what Kurucan writes about me?” Based on this, I hope this article of mine also reaches him.

Mr. Karaman,

In your article where you explain and propose the sibling family project, you say, “Believers are siblings.” I agree.

You also say, “Despite contemplating the meaning of this statement, people fall into neglect when it comes to fulfilling it.” I agree.

“You mention that the basic needs of our believing siblings, even our fellow citizens (ahl-i zimmet), who are non-Muslims, should be met not only on special occasions like holidays but throughout the year.” I agree.

You state, “While some believers go to bed hungry, those who go to bed full will be questioned when the day comes.” I agree.

And then, you present a proposal: “Every Muslim family with surplus goods, money, or essential items after meeting their basic needs will select another family in need as a ‘sibling family’ and provide for their basic necessities.” I agree, and I want to support this project that you are spearheading.

Tell someone, be it yourself or someone you instruct or ask, to assign me a sibling family. I will provide them with an amount sufficient to cover their basic needs according to Turkish standards. You can even determine the amount: 3000 TL or 5000 TL. If you do not trust my word, let’s set up an automatic transfer; I am a retired individual from Turkey, and the amount you specify can be automatically deposited into that family’s account from my retirement pension.

In fact, let me propose a counteroffer to your proposal. You own both a summer and winter house, receive a retirement pension, and work as a columnist and consultant for various institutions. May Allah bless you. I don’t covet your wealth and property. I cannot say how much wealth and monthly income you have, even if I knew. However, I can say this: you are one of the ‘satiated’ people you mention in your article. As the initiator of this proposal, you probably already support the basic needs of maybe 3-5 families, or even more. My proposal is this: I am ready to support one additional family beyond those you already help. If my resources are not sufficient, I promise to gather contributions from people in my circle to make it happen.

However, two issues need to be resolved here. First, you must guarantee that the family receiving this assistance will not be labeled a terrorist organization member, subjected to a raid by counterterrorism units at the crack of dawn, or dragged through prolonged court proceedings.

Secondly, a precaution has been placed on my retirement pension, and I haven’t received it for years. Our appeals have not been accepted by the legal authorities, who are merely puppets of politics. Perhaps, with a simple request from you to review the file, the matter can be resolved.

I don’t have much hope, but who knows, perhaps you might find some empathy and inquire about the allegations against me from court documents. And while making that request, you might say, “I know Ahmet. He has been living abroad for over 20 years. How can he be accused of leading a coup? What does it mean to finance terrorism? His books, articles, and speeches are all out there. A person is innocent until proven guilty. His affiliation with the Hizmet movement, his work at the seized Zaman newspaper, does not make him a criminal. The fact that he attended lectures at Mr. Fethullah Gulen’s lectures for years doesn’t make him guilty either. If these are crimes, then I am also guilty. I participated in the High Consultation Board of Zaman newspaper for many years. I served as a broadcast consultant for STV programs. I was a member of the Asya Finans Fatwa Board, where I worked alongside Ahmet. Former Istanbul Mufti Selahattin Kaya and Halil Günenç Hoca were also there. I also attended the Abant meetings. For all these services, I received honorariums. If working and consulting for these institutions affiliated with the Hizmet movement is a crime, then I am guilty too. Go ahead, file a case against me. No, no. This is too much. Don’t you have any conscience, fear of God? How can you put Ahmet on trial with charges of two aggravated life sentences and hundreds of years in prison?” Would you say something like that? I don’t know, maybe you would.

Yes, Mr. Karaman! Let me get to the point. At the end of your article, you say, “Come on, let’s worship, let’s head for heaven!” I sincerely say that I want to perform this worship and go to heaven. Can you help me? I would be grateful and indebted.

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Dr. Ahmet Kurucan is a an author and scholar focusing on Islamic Studies and Law.


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