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Protesters Detained for Displaying ‘End Trade with Israel’ Banner at Erdoğan Rally

During a rally in Sultanbeyli attended by President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan on March 29, 2024, a group of women were detained after displaying banners urging the Turkish government to cease its trade relations with Israel. The incident, which quickly escalated, saw the protesters being forcibly restrained by security personnel.

An individual among those detained recounted the rapid response to their peaceful protest, stating, “They took down our banner almost immediately after we unfurled it. Our demand was for Turkey to cut its ties with Israel. A fellow protester who was filming the event was handcuffed and detained. We are being held here without any justification.”

The call for an end to trade relations with Israel, made visible through the protesters’ banners, led to immediate action by the authorities at the scene, underscoring the sensitivity of political expressions at public gatherings in Turkey.

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