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Reflections on Mr. Fethullah Gülen’s Health and Serenity: A Visit of Prayers and Observations

I first read the adjective “peaceful” used to describe the place where Mr. Fethullah Gülen has been staying since his discharge from the hospital after the Ramadan holiday in an article by Kemal Gülen. It turns out that the place is indeed as tranquil as its name, “Âsûde.” I had visited there before, but for some reason, I hadn’t paid such close attention to its tranquility.

Yesterday, a group of friends and I visited Mr. Gülen for a short while in the afternoon, after the noon prayer. He sipped his tea while looking out at trees of every shade of green and the deep horizon beyond them, then turned his face towards us. He looked each of us in the eye, nodding his head at almost everyone.

“We have come to receive your prayers!” one of us said. His lips moved. We didn’t speak because, indeed, we had gone there to receive his blessings. Once we realized our purpose had been fulfilled, we asked for permission to leave. As is his custom, he raised both hands in the air to bid us farewell.

What did I see? Let me tell you; just as the laws of nature and the rules of biology work in everyone’s body, they work in Mr. Gülen’s as well. God, who governs the universe with laws He has set, does not exempt Mr. Gülen, saying, “You are a man who has fitted hundreds of lives into one lifetime. You have touched the religion, Muslims, and humanity with so much service!”

Years ago, I heard this observation directly from Mr. Gülen during a Bukhari lesson. In a lesson on hadith, we read that the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) experienced severe headaches before his death, and to alleviate it, he placed ice on his forehead and wrapped his head with a cloth-like turban. I do not know if it was migraines or something else that troubled him, but he was applying one of the traditional methods known in that society. While explaining the hadith, Mr. Gülen told us: “Universal laws, the rules of biology do not change even for Prophet Muhammad.”

After the brief visit yesterday, I thought of this while writing the article you read now. Yes, those laws and rules work in Mr. Gülen just as they do in everyone else. The truth that “Whomsoever We grant long life, We reverse in creation,” is manifesting. And there is no escape from this for any human being.

Is Mr. Gülen ill?

Yes, he is ill. Even the deaf sultan knows this.

Does he have heart problems?

Yes and no. Yes, he has heart problems. No, he also has diabetic issues, prostate problems, and other ailments.

Mr. Gülen is 86 years old.

He has had chronic ailments for many years, which sometimes cause acute problems.

Isn’t that normal?

Why is he not in a camp but in a tranquil place?

When he was discharged from the hospital after the Ramadan holiday, doctors recommended that staying in a quieter place would be better for his health. Such recommendations have been made to him for years, to which he always said ‘No!’ However, this time he accepted the doctors’ advice. That’s why he is not in a camp.

What will happen now?

As always, the universal laws that God has set in the universe will continue to operate.

Well, what are we to do then?

In this context, everyone’s duty is different. Mr. Gülen’s duty, given the current conditions, is to live in a way that maintains his health according to the doctors’ advice. Those close to him have the duty to take care of his physical and spiritual health. For those who love him from afar, their duty is to pray verbally.

That should suffice.

May God grant him a long life in health, well-being, and comfort.

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Dr. Ahmet Kurucan is a an author and scholar focusing on Islamic Studies and Law.

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