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Refugees Stranded in Maritsa Seek Asylum from the Greek Government

Turkey – Two refugees who crossed from Turkey to Greece and became stranded on an island in the Meriç River-also known as Maritsa River in Turkish- have requested asylum from the Greek government.

Hikmet Özdemir and İsa Ficim, who crossed the Meriç River due to political pressures and unlawful trials in Turkey, made a plea for help on social media.

Stating that they are trapped on an island in the Meriç River, which forms the border between Turkey and Greece, the individuals requested asylum from the Greek government and urged for assistance.

Hikmet Özdemir and İsa Ficim claimed that the political atmosphere in Turkey poses a threat to them and their families, and that the rule of law is being violated. Through their appeal on social media, they described the difficulties and risks they have faced.

The refugees mentioned that the conditions on the island where they are stranded are challenging, making it difficult for them to meet their basic needs, and they expressed concerns about their safety. They emphasized their request for asylum and security from the Greek government, highlighting that they left their country in search of a better future.

The Greek government has not yet made a statement regarding the issue. This situation creates uncertainty about how the refugees’ requests will be addressed and the process that will be followed within the framework of international law.

The refugee issue between Turkey and Greece has been ongoing for a long time. The number of refugees attempting to cross from Turkey to Greek islands is estimated in the thousands annually, causing tensions between the two countries. The difficulties and humanitarian crises faced by the refugees also draw attention from the international community.

This recent incident once again highlights how political pressures and violations of the rule of law in Turkey leave people in vulnerable situations. The requests and challenges faced by the refugees should attract more attention from the international community, leading to solution-oriented steps. The incident calls for a broader approach to addressing the refugee issue between Turkey and Greece, with a focus on respecting human rights and finding solutions.

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