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Russian Senator Raises Concerns About Deteriorating Turkey-Russia Relations After Erdogan’s Re-Election

Russian Senator Sergey Tsekov stated that the relationship between Turkey and Russia has “deteriorated” after the re-election of AKP’s President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan. According to Tsekov’s remarks, this issue will be discussed during the meeting expected to take place between Erdoğan and Russian President Vladimir Putin on September 4th.

Russia is preparing for the meeting between Putin and Erdoğan in Sochi on Monday. Both foreign affairs officials and expert contributions are involved in this process. Hakan Fidan’s two-day talks in Moscow did not fully meet Ankara’s expectations. Especially during the meeting with Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu on the second day, Hakan Fidan did not achieve any results. This can be seen in the statements made by the Kremlin. There is very little information published in the Turkish media on this matter.

Additionally, as a classic method, some messages began to be conveyed through the press before Erdoğan’s arrival.

Arif Asalıoğlu, the General Director of the Institute for Scientific Development Cooperation (MIRNAS), made the following assessments about the issue to TR724:

Senator Sergey Tsekov’s statement through the press that “Turkey-Russia relations have worsened after the election” and moves like TV Center broadcasting an old documentary about Erdoğan again on August 27th carry a message to Erdoğan.

Lately, and especially after the election, Erdoğan has started to distribute smiles to the West in order to ease his economic tightness. Allowing Finland and Sweden to join NATO, saying that Ukraine should become a NATO member, sending Azov commanders in Zelensky’s plane, and similar attitudes are ways to somehow access Western funds.

However, this ambivalent attitude naturally bothers Moscow. Therefore, Senator Sergei Tsekov stated that relations between Russia and Turkey would not change dramatically after the meeting of the two country’s leaders in Sochi.

He noted in an interview with NEWS.ru that Turkey began to behave senselessly towards Russia after Erdoğan’s re-election.

A similar broadcast was made on August 27th by TV Center, one of Russia’s federal channels. An Erdoğan documentary and an Erdoğan profile were aired. The 25-minute documentary covers topics such as Turkey’s radical transformation, events during the July 15th coup attempt, the accusation of thousands of scientists and statesmen in the coup, the sale of ISIS oil by the family circle, Erdoğan’s dictatorship, and his division of his own people, among others.

The documentary of the “ablojka-kapak” program, prepared by taking opinions from Russian and foreign experts, also gives examples of foreign media headlines and covers.

Even if the media and some experts have such attitudes before Erdoğan arrives, there will not be much change in Putin’s approach on that day.

The Kremlin will try to make the most of Erdoğan again. Issues such as the grain corridor, nuclear power plant, and gas center are important topics for both leaders. In some issues, Erdoğan will take a few steps ahead, while in others, Putin will have convinced him.

In the end, when Erdoğan goes to the G-20, he will bring some of the agendas he shared and discussed with Putin in his bag.

This news article was published in Tr724.com first and translated into English by Politurco.

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