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School Official of Turkey Reassigned After Shocking Incident of Child Tossed in the Air

In a disturbing incident at Sakarya Primary School in Milas, Muğla in Turkey, deputy principal Mehmet Serkan G. has been reassigned after footage surfaced of him lifting and tossing a 6-year-old student, E.S., into the air by holding him under the armpits. Following the incident, an inspector was appointed, and the teacher’s role was relocated.

The incident unfolded on October 6 when Mehmet Serkan G. lifted E.S. in the school corridor, only to throw him into the air. The aftermath of the incident came to light when E.S. went home with his mother, S.Ö.S., and complained of back pain. Prompted by his mother’s insistence, E.S. detailed the events, leading to a hospital visit where a medical report for assault was obtained due to bruises on his back.

A criminal complaint was subsequently filed against Mehmet Serkan G., leading to an administrative investigation by the Milas Public Prosecutor’s Office. The District National Education Directorate suspended Mehmet Serkan G. on October 19, only to reinstate him on November 3 after an administrative fine. As the legal investigation continues, security camera footage revealing the incident has emerged, depicting Mehmet Serkan G. tossing E.S. into the classroom in front of other students.

In response to the incident, the Ministry of National Education appointed an inspector, resulting in a change of duty location for Mehmet Serkan G., who is now assigned to a school in a rural neighborhood. Additionally, the Ministry of Family and Social Services has provided legal support for the family. The Muğla Governorate issued a statement acknowledging the incident and expressing their commitment to a thorough investigation.

S.Ö.S., the mother of the victim, emphasized their dedication to pursuing justice, thanking the Muğla Governorate and Muğla Provincial Directorate of National Education for their swift response. She expressed confidence in the justice system and pledged to keep the public informed until the lawsuit’s conclusion. S.Ö.S. also extended gratitude to supporters of their ‘EndViolenceInSchools’ signature campaign, emphasizing the importance of addressing the issue.

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