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Social Media Activism Planned at 1 PM Eastern Time to Advocate for the Release of Koray Vural

New York, 09/19/2023 – In a show of support and solidarity for the abducted businessman Koray Vural, a social media activism campaign is set to take place today, led by the Twitter account @korayvural1977. The event will commence at 1 PM Eastern Time and aims to raise awareness about the situation and advocate for Vural’s safe release.

Koray Vural, a Turkish national who has resided in Tajikistan for 29 years, was reportedly kidnapped by unidentified individuals in Dushanbe, the capital of Tajikistan, recently. There have been allegations that he was abducted by the MIT (National Intelligence Organization) and could potentially be taken to Turkey.

Vural, 46 years old and a father of three, had been engaged in both teaching and business activities during his time in Tajikistan. It has come to light that his Turkish passport expired in 2020, with no renewal on record. However, he possessed a permanent residence permit due to his spouse being a Tajikistan citizen.

In light of these circumstances, Koray Vural’s family has raised concerns about his potential extradition to Turkey. They have also revealed that Vural had applied to the United Nations for relocation to a safe country.

The social media activism campaign, organized by @korayvural1977, aims to garner attention and support from the international community, urging authorities to ensure Vural’s well-being and safe return.

Join the initiative on Twitter at 1 PM Eastern Time today and use the hashtag #ReleaseKorayVural to participate in the campaign and help bring attention to this pressing matter.

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