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Echoes of Injustice in Turkey: Taking Revenge on the Baby in the Womb

What does it mean to keep a woman with a high-risk pregnancy in prison, in defiance of the Execution Law? How should we interpret the disregard and non-implementation of this law? While even a normal pregnancy warrants the release of the expectant mother, how is it that the state completely violates all legal procedures in a situation where both the baby and the mother are at risk of death?

Similarly, by applying what can be termed ‘enemy law’, twisting and bending legal norms, they are imprisoning both parents of quintuplets.

In both cases, the state demonstrates a total severance from the law.

Now, readers might say, “Look, this ‘state’ doesn’t even implement the binding decisions of its own Constitutional Court. Moreover, lower courts not only refuse to comply with the Constitutional Court’s decisions; they file complaints against the Constitutional Court judges for making those decisions.”

They are right.

What we are witnessing cannot merely be called a legal mistake. The state, which you might think of as a gang, has now gone rogue and no longer feels the need to cover up its actions. A critical threshold has been crossed, or in the words of the pseudo-dictator, ‘the horse has already bolted.’

However, there’s an even more grim aspect to this. While these lawless acts are happening, some groups that try to portray themselves as the opposition turn a blind eye to the systematic oppression. Note that they are not failing to see; they choose to ignore despite being aware. This is due to the polarization of society. They do not consider those outside their clan as human. When they demand human rights, they actually mean rights only for those who are part of their group.

They deem the groups they classify as ‘others’ deserving of enemy law. There are mainly two groups subjected to this today: the Kurdish Political Movement and the Gülen Movement. When people associated with these groups are persecuted, with a few exceptions, no one cares about their problems – not political parties, civil society, capital, labor movements and unions, religious groups, universities, intellectuals, or the media.

My brother, what is the crime of that baby in the mother’s womb!

image 12

They hate the people they target. Like the arbitrary cruelties and lawlessness of cruel rulers in the most primitive times of human disgrace, they oppress based on group affiliations. They trample on people’s most fundamental rights without hesitation.

Why do they do this? Because they can!

Today, what you think of as the state no longer has any braking mechanism. There’s nothing they want to do that they can’t do. Under the rule of Erdoğan and his power-sharing gang, Turkey has reached a state where it can no longer even meet the minimum conditions of being a state.

Now, we must ask the representatives of this power:

Don’t you have children, spouses, parents? Wouldn’t you be upset if your loved ones were in this situation? If that poor woman in prison were your wife or sister, would you act the same way? If someone who hates you comes to power tomorrow and does the same to your loved ones, what would your answer be? What do you want from that baby? If the mother or baby, or both, die during childbirth, how will your conscience accept that? Let’s say you have no conscience or morality, but aren’t you irrational enough to think, “Well, they might do the same to us in the future”?

Of course, no one in this regime will answer these questions. Both the mechanism to compel them to answer has disappeared, and we face a group of tyrants who have lost their reason due to power intoxication.

image 13

But let me warn you:

Look, the devilry and brutality of the state called Turkey will never end. Don’t think you are safe just because the state changes hands, I warn you.

This state changes hands every ten, twenty years, but its methods and lawlessness do not change. Today, you are in power, and you have even established and consolidated your regime. But do you think this power is everlasting?

One morning you will wake up to find your people have lost power! Some will have boarded their private jets and fled the country, some will have switched sides, others will be experiencing the same treatment you meted out to that pregnant woman and her baby!

This third group will be the largest. They will declare you traitors overnight. They will persecute your children, siblings, parents. They will seize your property and assets. They will ostracize your entire clan. Everyone cut off by you will be declared affiliated and they will trample over them.

You will be crushed.

The wind you sow today will return to you as a storm tomorrow! A mentality that takes revenge on a baby in the womb cannot be lasting, let alone long-term.

I’ve written it!

Whether the reader heeds this warning or laughs it off is up to them. However, nothing is everlasting. Your power and rule are also temporary.

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Dr. Mehmet Efe Caman is a Scholar of Politics at Memorial University of Newfoundland (MUN). Dr. Caman’s main research focuses on Democracy, democratization and human rights, Turkish politics, the Middle East, Eurasian politics and post-Soviet regions, the European Union. He has published a monograph on Turkish foreign policy, numerous book chapters and scholarly articles in English, German and Turkish about topics related to his research areas.

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