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Tragic Mystery Unfolds: Eight Bodies Discovered on Turkish Mediterranean Coastline

Authorities in Turkey are conducting investigations into eight bodies discovered along the Mediterranean coastline in the province of Antalya, with two of these bodies located on a beach in the Serik resort area.

The office of the Antalya governor stated that one of the bodies is possibly that of a Turkish national previously reported as missing. It is suspected that the remaining seven bodies, found over the last week, could be migrants from a vessel that vanished near the Syria-Lebanon border last month en route to Cyprus.

According to the governor’s office, which referenced information from the Lebanese embassy in Turkey, the missing boat was believed to have around 90 passengers when it disappeared on December 11.

The office suggested that ocean currents, wind patterns, and wave movements might have caused these individuals to drift towards the Antalya coast.

Mohammed Sablouh, a Lebanese attorney tracking migrant cases, reported that the boat departed from northern Lebanon with approximately 85 passengers, including 30 children.

Sablouh also noted that communication was lost with another vessel that left Lebanon on Thursday, carrying an estimated 50 to 60 people.

On Monday, staff at a resort discovered two of the bodies, spaced 500 meters apart, on a beach frequented by their guests, as per a report from the Demirören News Agency.

Additional bodies were located at resorts near Manavgat and along the coastline close to the city of Antalya.

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