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Turkey is not yet a North Korea!

It’s a well-known cliché; correct diagnosis saves lives. The same is true in the political field. To find a way out, the problem must first be defined, its causes identified, and finally, solutions must be laid out.

Traditionally, the public does not concern themselves with these matters. Voters cannot appoint a representative or guardian for this purpose. This role is taken on by someone on behalf of the public, with success or failure. It has always been this way throughout history.

A citizen whose house has been destroyed by an earthquake wants a roof over their head. For the working class, a better salary is sufficient. A fisherman is happy if his nets are full. A hotelier waits for guests…

People are not interested in the underlying causes of problems.

For instance, without exception, all retirees who speak into the microphone complain about their pensions, saying they do not cover bills and kitchen expenses. They do not complain about rent because they own their homes.

However, if they first defined the problem and focused on its causes, they would see that these are the better days! The working population is declining, the elderly population is increasing, and the young are leaving.

But is correct diagnosis alone sufficient for ‘treatment’?

Unfortunately, not.

In Turkey, a significant portion of the population has bought into despair. There is no alternative to the government… Those who stand up are either jailed, purged, or bought off. And the current options do not inspire confidence.

This was not quite the case during the AKP rule from 2002-2014. That is, citizens could express their dissatisfaction with the government in some way. For the past 10 years, under the absolute Erdogan regime since 2014, the ‘undecided’ masses, even if not satisfied with their lives, shrugged off alternatives, saying, “They can’t fix this!” They were not entirely wrong to think so.

Until 2023… Did not the Muharrem İnce wave, right before our eyes, disappear overnight in 2018? Nowadays, we hear that the Palace contractors are looking for candidates for İnce’s party in exchange for a fee, and we are not surprised.

The dire situation is this; the people, running out of oxygen, do not trust, cannot trust anyone but their executioner, even though they see their time running out.

The real disaster for a society is to lose its faith, as is happening in Turkey. Otherwise, everyone is aware of what is happening; no one is foolish.

Propaganda apparatus can only go so far… Yes, Turkey is under an autocratic/oppressive administration. Yes, the police and intelligence have every corner covered. Yes, the media and judiciary are the government’s doorkeepers and cudgels. But, it is not yet North Korea.

The ordinary citizen has access to information and news with the ease of watching “Güldür Güldür Show”; this has not been cut off.

Of course, this has nothing to do with Erdogan trying to correct his statement from a week ago that meant, “No votes, no service”: “We cannot openly threaten the people with ‘no votes, no service’ like CHP mayors do” (February 11, 2024).

Erdogan is not trying to recover from being mocked on social networks. There are many similar examples where he spoke one way and then another. Autocratic governments do not want the public to know the truth and try to block the circulation of information. Meanwhile, they want to centralize all information; “Let me know all the truths so I can strategize accordingly.”

But because they block information flow and centralize everything, realities are hidden from the center by individuals avoiding responsibility out of fear or “not wanting to get in trouble.” Eventually, even the center becomes blind and unaware.

Even if you build propaganda buildings and fill them with thousands of people and flood them with money, you will face this outcome.

The Palace’s staggering in a vast vicious cycle, spinning its wheels, is due to this. It is experiencing the typical and inevitable results of centralization.

It cannot turn anymore.

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