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Turkish Air Base Commander Reveals Unexamined Aircraft with Lights Off on July 15th: New Information Emerges in Bombing Trial

In the court’s defense, Brigadier General Hakan Evrim, the Commander of Akıncı Air Base, presented intriguing information concerning the accused aircraft allegedly involved in the bombings of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey (TBMM), Türksat, and the General Directorate of Security.

Based on departure times, satellite coordinates, and technical details specified in expert reports, Hakan Evrim demonstrated that the aircraft accused of carrying out the bombings could not have conducted such actions.

However, Hakan Evrim pointed out the existence of aircraft that took off from Akıncı Air Base that night, flying without contacting the control tower and turning off their lights. He emphasized that these specific aircraft had not been examined by experts and were not included in the case files.

Additionally, there were statements indicating the presence of retired pilots at the air base that night, but these claims were not thoroughly investigated.

Hakan Evrim suggested that the aircraft that flew with lights off and without tower communication could have been piloted by these retired individuals and might have been responsible for the bombings.

New Information Emerging Regarding July 15th

A detailed account of Brigadier General Evrim’s defense is presented in a video on the YouTube channel “Kanat Arkadaşım” (My Wingman), shedding light on the flights of F-16 jets on the night of July 15th.

The video explains how flight information of aircraft can be accessed through black boxes, satellite data, and camera recordings. It highlights that it is possible to determine whether an aircraft dropped bombs and the exact time of such actions.

Impossibility of the Accused Aircraft Conducting Bombings

According to Hakan Evrim’s defense, technical analyses of flight records and bomb-related examinations revealed that the accused aircraft did not engage in any bombings, as stated in the expert reports. It is clearly seen that based on the departure times, it would have been impossible for the aircraft to bomb TBMM or Türksat, as indicated in the expert reports.

Aircraft Arriving from Diyarbakır at the Air Base Were Not Investigated

The Akıncı Air Base Commander, Hakan Evrim, asked, “So who dropped the bombs?” He mentioned that on July 15th, there were 71 aircraft at the air base, but on that day, six more aircraft arrived from Diyarbakır, bringing the total to 77 aircraft. However, according to the indictments, only 66 of these aircraft were examined by TUSAŞ experts, and 11 aircraft were not investigated at all. Moreover, these 11 aircraft were not subject to any inquiries by the prosecutor’s office.

Aircraft Flying with Lights Off Were Not Investigated

Hakan Evrim questioned, “Which aircraft were among the 11 not examined? Could one of these 11 aircraft that flew with lights off to conceal themselves be involved?” He also brought up the point that the tower’s radio communications with these flights were not cross-checked with the flight records held by the tower. He raised concerns about the lack of investigation into this crucial matter and the potential suppression of evidence.

142nd Squadron Emblems Carried by Retired Pilots Were Spotted at the Air Base

Hakan Evrim also addressed another issue, stating that according to the testimony of Lieutenant Caner Fidancı, a maintenance officer of the 142nd Squadron, there were retired pilots present at Akıncı Air Base on the night of July 15th. He highlighted the possibility that these 11 unexamined aircraft, which flew with lights off and no communication with the tower, might have been piloted by these retired individuals.

Hakan Evrim emphasized that all this information was available in the additional folders provided to them, but these folders were not given to them. He expressed concern about the reasons for withholding these folders, questioning whether those who flew the unsanctioned and lights-off flights were indeed retired pilots. He urged the prosecutor’s office to urgently investigate these matters.

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