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Turkish Broadcasting Authority (RTÜK) Initiates Investigation on Disney+ Over “Atatürk” Series Non-Airing Decision

Turkish Broadcasting Authority (RTÜK) has decided to investigate the American digital media service provider Disney+ after reports that it decided not to broadcast the local content series “Atatürk.” The decision received criticism from Turkey, and RTÜK Chairman Ebubekir Şahin stated that the defense of Disney+ would be taken and examined.

“Armenian Lobby Allegations Under Scrutiny”

Şahin emphasized the significance of the founder of the Turkish Republic, Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, as a crucial social value. He also stated that the allegations of “Armenian lobby intervention,” reported in the media, were being carefully investigated.

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AK Party’s Spokesperson, Ömer Çelik, expressed his dismay at the withdrawal of the “Atatürk” series due to the pressure from the Armenian lobby, saying it was shameful.

Disney Takes on Netflix with New Platform Disney+

Çelik further criticized the platform’s decision, considering it disrespectful to the values of the Turkish Republic and its people. He accused certain groups of exploiting historical events for their political agendas, hindering the normalization of Turkey-Armenia relations.

Disney+ had previously announced that the series “Atatürk,” starring Aras Bulut İynemli, would be released in 2023. The platform recently removed some local content, causing controversy. After facing criticism, Disney+ declared that the series “Atatürk” would be broadcasted. However, a decision was made to change its release method, and the series will now air on Fox TV and later in cinemas, with claims that Disney made this decision under pressure from the Armenian lobby.

The American National Committee of Armenia (ANCA) had previously called for the series to be stopped. Following the cancellation decision, ANCA expressed their happiness about Disney+ canceling the “Atatürk” series. Meanwhile, Nihal Bengisu Karaca, a columnist at HaberTürk, revealed that Disney’s financial struggles led to the discontinuation of local content, with former CEO Bob Iger being reinstated to address the situation.

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