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Turkish Embassy in Helsinki Targeted in Vandalism and Smoke Bomb Attack

Tarkan Tekten, TR724.

Unidentified individuals have launched an assault on the Turkish Embassy in Helsinki using paint and smoke bombs. Finnish Foreign Minister Elina Valtonen has decried the attack in a statement posted on her X account.

According to available information, at approximately 4:28 PM today, the fire department received a report of smoke emerging from the Turkish Republic Embassy in Helsinki. Helsinki Police responded to the call. Upon investigation, the police confirmed that there was no fire in the building but suggested that a smoke bomb may have been deployed based on witness testimonies. Further examinations revealed that the front of the embassy had been defaced with paint. Thankfully, no casualties or property damage were reported. Helsinki Police have launched an inquiry into the incident as an act of property damage.

Notably, there was a group of four individuals in the vicinity of the embassy shortly before the attack, prompting authorities to consider their potential involvement in the incident. It has been reported that the police apprehended a group that may have connections to the incident around 7:30 PM.

Finnish Foreign Minister Elina Valtonen expressed her disappointment via her X account, saying, “I am disheartened by the act of vandalism at the Turkish Embassy today. Hostile actions against diplomatic missions warrant strong condemnation. The police are actively investigating, and we anticipate receiving more information about the incident shortly.”

Deniz Çakar, Turkey’s Ambassador to Helsinki, also expressed gratitude to Finnish Foreign Minister Elina Valtonen, remarking, “Dear Minister @elinavaltonen, we deeply appreciate your kind and empathetic message. We are eagerly awaiting the results of the police investigation. Thank you very much!”

Those responsible for the incident issued a statement to the press.

In line with a report from Helsingin Sanomat, an evening press release claimed that the act was carried out by the “Stop Turkey’s Aggression” action group.

The statement declared that the group had “drenched the Turkish embassy in blood” as a protest against Turkey’s aggressive war. It further noted that a group of Finnish activists was responsible for the act as a means of protesting Turkey’s cross-border actions into northeastern Syria.

The police indicated that it remains uncertain whether the individuals who issued the press statement are the same individuals involved in the incident. They also noted that further information about the investigation will not be available until at least Thursday.

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