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Turkish Government Detains Parents of Chronically Ill Teen

Azra Ağır, who has been waiting for a kidney transplant for five years due to her battle with Joubert Syndrome, has recently unveiled a concerning development: her parents were taken into custody this morning as part of a Turkish Government operation conducted under the guise of a ‘current reorganization’ targeting the Gulen Movement.

The detained individuals include Azra’s mother, N.A., who resides in Gaziantep, and her father, M.A., who had previously served a five-year prison sentence in Kırşehir. Azra Ağır took to her social media account to share the news of her mother’s detention, pleading, ‘They took my mom into custody. Can my brothers and sisters please pray?’

This morning, a sweeping operation was executed across 77 provinces, resulting in the detainment of 611 individuals under the pretext of a ‘current reorganization.’

Seventeen-year-old Azra Nur Ağır has been dependent on dialysis for four years due to her kidney failure. Her mother played a vital role in assisting Azra with her daily needs since her motor muscles were not functional. Additionally, it has been discovered that Azra’s father was employed as a teacher in a closed tutoring center and is allegedly affiliated with the Gulen Movement.”

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