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Turkish Government Provides Logistic Support to Israel by Sea; Citizens Boycott Soda in Solidarity with Palestine

As Turkey’s citizens boycott major brands to protest Israel’s attacks on Gaza, records from ‘Marinetraffic’ reveal that since the onset of the attacks, 253 ships have departed from Turkish ports, carrying crude oil, fuel, and iron steel to Israel.

In a stark contrast between public sentiment and governmental action, citizens across Turkey are actively boycotting well-known commercial brands to voice their dissent against Israel’s military operations in Gaza. However, an investigation based on ‘Marinetraffic’ data tells a different story at the governmental level. Since the beginning of Israel’s military strikes on Gaza, which have resulted in the loss of nearly 11,000 lives, predominantly infants and children, Turkey has dispatched 253 ships laden with crude oil, fuel, and iron steel to Israel.

The issue has garnered international attention, with protests erupting globally against Israel’s targeting of hospitals and schools in Gaza. Inside Turkey, the response has been two-fold: widespread public boycotts of key brands and a recent rally organized by President Tayyip Erdoğan of the ruling AKP, who broke his prolonged silence on the issue. “We are doing more for Gaza than what appears,” Erdoğan claimed at the rally.

Adding to the controversy, journalist Metin Cihan shared on social media a detailed list of ships sailing from Turkey to Israel since the Gaza attacks began. His post, intended for public interest, highlights the ongoing shipments of logistical supplies like crude oil, fuel, and steel from Turkish ports. Cihan’s revelation, backed by ‘Marinetraffic’ records, paints a contradictory picture of Turkey’s stance: “While Israel’s assault continues, I’ve listed the ships from Turkey to Israel. Not all could be included; new ones were arriving even as I was documenting. In words, we support Palestine, but in actions, we’re supporting Israel,” Cihan stated.

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