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Turkish Journalist Cengiz Erdinç Taken into Custody

Cengiz Erdinç, a prominent Turkish journalist and writer, was taken into custody in Balıkesir due to his recent coverage on the bribery scandal within the Turkish Judiciary. Reports indicate that his computer and mobile phone were confiscated, and he is currently being transported to Ankara without being granted access to his attorney. This incident follows the recent arrest of T24 writer Tolga Şardan and the temporary detention of Halk TV correspondent Dinçer Gökçe.

According to information provided by Turkish news sources, Erdinç is being transferred from Balıkesir – Ayvalık to Ankara. It has been reported that authorities have seized Erdinç’s computer and cellphone.

Erdinç has been denied the opportunity to have a phone conversation with his attorney.

Public Outcry Over Cengiz Erdinç’s Detention

Faruk Bildirici: “Blatant Hostility Towards Journalists”

“In the wake of Tolga Şardan’s arrest and Dinçer Gökçe’s detention, we are witnessing yet another arrest—this time, our colleague Cengiz Erdinç has been detained. This is a blatant display of hostility towards journalists… Their intolerance towards journalists who expose lawlessness has reached new heights. They are becoming increasingly brazen…”

Bahadır Özgür: “They’re Targeting Journalists, Not Criminals”

“Once again, Cengiz Erdinç, who has been covering organized crime for years, has been detained. It appears that they have initiated a campaign targeting journalists, not criminals!”

Tolga Şardan Arrested, Dinçer Gökçe Released Under Judicial Control Yesterday, T24 writer Tolga Şardan was arrested, while Halk TV reporter Dinçer Gökçe was detained and subsequently released under judicial control.

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