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Turkish Lawmaker Criticizes Government’s Israel Policy, Dies Following Heart Attack in Parliament”

“A Saadet Party lawmaker, Hasan Bitmez, representing Kocaeli, died of a heart attack shortly after delivering a critical speech in the Turkish Parliament. Bitmez, known for his outspoken views, passed away this morning, stirring significant attention with his final public remarks.

In his last speech, Bitmez vehemently criticized the ruling AKP’s approach to Israel, particularly regarding its policies towards Gaza. He condemned Turkey’s failure to impose sanctions on Israel despite its ongoing bombardment of Gaza. Bitmez also accused the government of misusing state funds for AKP propaganda during a rally purportedly in support of Palestine.

Highlighting the government’s inaction over Israel’s offensive in Gaza, Bitmez pointed out that Turkey continued to facilitate the transportation of what he described as ‘ammunition-like products’ and energy to Israel. He challenged the AKP leadership and their affiliates for their alleged involvement in these operations.

In a poignant statement, Bitmez said, “We urge you to cease transporting ammunition to Israel via ships linked to AK Party officials and their families. Your response is a boycott of Starbucks, yet you ignore the broader implications of your inaction. Your rallies are overshadowed by more effective demonstrations in Europe, America, London, and Tokyo, where even Christians and Jews surpass you in their advocacy. You are complicit in Israel’s actions against Palestinians. Your hands are tainted with Palestinian blood.”

Bitmez concluded his speech with a reference to Sezai Karakoç, asserting, “Silence will not erase this issue; history and truth will continue to speak. Escaping our criticism won’t absolve you from the torment of conscience, the judgment of history, or the wrath of God.”

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