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Turkish Teacher’s Death Exposes Torture and Injustice: UN Verdict Confirms Rights Violation

Turkish teacher Gökhan Açıkkollu was tortured to death in a narrow detention center in 2016 and the investigation was closed. Following the events of July 15, 2016, Gökhan Açıkkollu lost his life due to the torture and ill-treatment he endured while in custody. Seven years have passed since his death, yet the investigation into those responsible for his death was closed by the prosecutor’s office citing a lack of evidence.

On the anniversary of Gökhan Açıkkollu’s death, his wife Tülay Açıkkollu made a post, saying: “Today is again the day of Gökhan Açıkkollu. Seven years ago, around 04:30, he lost his life due to torture in a narrow detention center. Born in the heat of August, he passed away in the heat of another August. Seven years, not an easy feat. Greetings to those who have left us, and may each passing day bring misery to those who caused this.”

The final moments of Gökhan, who lost his life due to torture and ill-treatment while in custody, were also captured by the detention center’s cameras.

The United Nations Human Rights Committee determined that Gökhan Açıkkollu’s right to freedom and security was violated due to his arrest. With this decision, it was confirmed by the UN that Açıkkollu was unjustly and arbitrarily detained, subjected to torture and ill-treatment resulting in his death, and that an effective investigation into his death was not conducted.

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