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U.N. Official Resigns, Accuses U.S. and West of ‘Genocide’ Complicity in Gaza

A high-ranking United Nations human rights official, Craig Mokhiber, has made headlines by resigning from his position and issuing a scathing critique of the United Nations, the U.S., and Western media organizations. His resignation letter focused on what he termed a “textbook case of genocide” in the Gaza Strip during the recent conflict between Israel and Hamas.

Craig Mokhiber, who had worked with the U.N. for over three decades and served as the New York office director for the United Nations High Commissioner of Human Rights, did not mince words in his four-page resignation letter. He accused the United Nations of failing in its duty and criticized the organization, the U.S., and Western media companies for their handling of the Israel-Hamas conflict.

Mokhiber’s letter stated, “Once again, we are seeing a genocide unfolding before our eyes, and the Organization that we serve appears powerless to stop it.” He went on to describe the ongoing violence in Gaza as a result of an “ethno-nationalist colonial settler ideology” and decades of systematic persecution of the Palestinian people. He further pointed to explicit statements of intent by leaders in the Israeli government and military, leaving no room for doubt in his view.

In his resignation letter, Mokhiber proposed a ten-point plan aimed at addressing the situation in Gaza. This plan included the abandonment of the two-state solution, the acknowledgment of Israel’s efforts to colonize and dispossess an indigenous population based on their ethnicity, fighting apartheid, the return and compensation of displaced Palestinians, a full-scale U.N. investigation, the issuance of a “protection force” for Palestinians, the disarmament of Israel, including its nuclear capabilities, and an end to the influence of Israel lobbyists within the offices of U.N. leaders.

Notably, Mokhiber called for support for a single, secular democratic state for all the people of historic Palestine, signaling a departure from the longstanding goal of a two-state solution.

The resignation letter also criticized the governments of the United States, the United Kingdom, and many European nations for their complicity in the Gaza conflict. Mokhiber accused these countries of failing to meet their treaty obligations regarding the Geneva Conventions. He alleged that they were instead “arming the assault” on Gaza while providing economic and intelligence support to Israel, effectively covering up its actions against thousands of innocent civilians and refugees.

While Craig Mokhiber’s resignation and scathing criticism have drawn attention and raised questions about the international response to the Gaza conflict, some critics argue that his views may not represent the consensus within the United Nations and that the situation in Gaza is highly complex and contentious, with differing perspectives on the conflict’s root causes and potential solutions. The story has sparked debates about the role of the U.N., Western governments, and media in addressing conflicts in the Middle East.

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