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UKVI Report Reveals Discrimination Against Gulen Movement in Turkey

In an alarming development, a recent report from the United Kingdom Immigration and Citizenship Office (UKVI) sheds light on the growing discrimination and persecution faced by members of the Gülen Movement in Turkey. This concerning trend has garnered significant attention both at the national and international levels. Notably, the report comes on the heels of a landmark decision by the European Court of Human Rights, which pointed out systemic issues within Turkey’s judiciary and urged prompt rectification.

The Gülen Movement, characterized in the report as an Islamic religious and cultural movement established by Fethullah Gülen, has seen its members face severe consequences since the failed coup attempt in 2016. Public sector employment and enrollment in state universities have been prohibited for these individuals, with a substantial number of Gülen Movement members arrested, imprisoned, or terminated from their jobs. The report underscores how these actions have left them bereft of job and educational opportunities.

Moreover, the UKVI report also highlights that Gülen Movement members in Turkey encounter various forms of discrimination, such as rejection in job applications, dismissal from employment, workplace harassment, and even threats of violence. Additionally, the report emphasizes that these individuals face restrictions in accessing educational institutions and healthcare services. This situation continues to be of grave concern, both nationally and internationally, as it raises serious human rights issues in the country.

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