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Under the FBI’s Lens: The Intriguing Case of Erdogan’s Influence and New York Politics

While there are significant agendas like Israel’s genocide in Gaza and the Constitutional Court coup orchestrated by President Erdogan, in this article, I want to bring you to this side of the ocean.

Because ‘something is approaching,’ and this matter is becoming increasingly intriguing.

The story centers again on Erdogan and the machinations of AKP members, extensions of the Palace. Some might preemptively say, “What’s new, were they caught red-handed taking bribes?” But this time, it’s different.

Because the FBI is conducting the investigation, and the American media is pursuing the matter.

Especially The New York Times. Hence, there will be neither judicial instructions of ‘Run Ismail run’ nor media interventions like ‘Hello Fatih’.

So, what is the incident, and why does it concern Turkey?

Let me start by saying that unlike the December 17 scandal in Turkey, there are no millions of dollars in bribes, gifted pianos, watches, or bags worth hundreds of thousands of dollars involved in this investigation. It can even be said that Erdogan and his circle wouldn’t deign to accept such amounts as bribes.


New York Mayor Eric Adams is quite a popular politician. After all, you are the Mayor of New York. If you don’t make a huge blunder or step on a mine, it’s possible to move towards Washington and Congress.

It’s no secret that Adams has such intentions.

A critical politician like him had surprise guests on Monday night. According to The New York Times, after leaving an event in Manhattan, FBI agents approached Adams and said, “Withdraw your security!” before getting into his luxury official jeep with him.

Two FBI agents showed the mayor an arrest warrant, took his personal cell phone and iPad, put them in a bag marked ‘evidence,’ and left. The mayor, instead of saying something like “Do you know who I am?”, calmly handed over his devices.

This scenario, resembling a movie scene, is quite intriguing.

Because the person in question is the mayor of New York. Donations collected while financing U.S. politicians’ election campaigns are always subject to investigations. However, last week Adams’ campaign manager’s house was raided, and this week the mayor’s electronic devices were seized.

Bilal Erdogan’s Turken Foundation’s groundbreaking ceremony… 2018… Adams, as the Brooklyn Borough President, attended the ceremony and met Erdogan personally. We don’t know exactly what will come out of the investigation yet, but one thing is certain; the ‘donation’ figures and allegations that have emerged so far don’t warrant a house raid or seizure of the mayor’s electronic devices.

There must be ‘other things’ the FBI is after!

What we know so far is as follows; Brianna Suggs, one of Eric Adams’ campaign directors, had her house raided on November 2nd, and electronic devices were seized. While Suggs did not comment, Adams was at the White House in Washington for a ‘very important’ meeting during the raid.

Upon hearing the news, President Adams immediately returned to New York. Adams stated he was open to “all kinds of cooperation.”

As a Turkish journalist, it’s natural for me to compare every incident with Turkey – America. We have seen the December 17 operation and ministers telling their bureaucrats and family members, “The police are coming, run!”

The opposite happened here.

President Adams did not meet with Suggs, whose house was raided, ‘to not influence the investigation.’

Now, let’s get to the incident’s connection with Erdogan, the AKP, and Turks in New York…

According to the data revealed so far, the Erdogan regime has made a serious ‘investment’ in Adams.

Adams was taken to Turkey several times and given gifts. Donations made by Turkish companies to Adams’ election campaign, including Brooklyn-based KSK Construction, are under scrutiny.

Names mentioned in the investigation include Bahcesehir University’s Washington DC branch, Bay Atlantic University, foundations known as Erdogan family foundations, Turken and Turgev, and Turkish businessmen known for their closeness to Erdogan.

Details that have emerged in the U.S. media include meetings between Eric Adams and both Erdogan and his wife, Emine Erdogan. The FBI is investigating whether Adams granted any privileges in return for donations received from Erdogan-affiliated foundations, companies, and individuals.

Frankly, the figures discussed in the U.S. media are not significant.

Considering that tens of millions of dollars are collected in such election campaigns, it can be assumed that the FBI is after ‘bigger fish.’

As I said, since the investigation is ongoing, we don’t know the details yet, but the events confirm that this is not an ordinary donation investigation. In the future, we will learn about Tayyip Erdogan’s and his long arms in the U.S.’ role in this incident.

But I can already say this; a regime accustomed to all sorts of illegalities in Turkey gets caught on the radar when trying similar steps in the U.S. Because here, there is no judiciary that is the ‘dog of politics’ and a media order that has become the lackey of the Palace.

To know that family foundations funded by millions of dollars transferred from institutions like the Red Crescent, student dormitories built in places like Manhattan, mansions purchased, companies and think tanks established, and the money traffic around them will not escape the FBI’s attention, one doesn’t need to be a U.S. expert.

Don’t be surprised if even the construction of the Diyanet Mosque, inaugurated by Erdogan in the U.S., yields a corruption story. In short, Erdogan and his regime apparatus are so toxic that they poison even those who stand by, let alone intertwine.

Even if it’s on the other side of the ocean!

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Adem Yavuz Arslan
Adem Yavuz Arslan
Adem Yavuz Aslan is a leading Turkish investigative journalist in exile based in Washington, D.C.

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