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Unraveling the Epstein Saga: Power, Scandal, and the Shadow of Influence

America is an interesting country. If the apocalypse happens anywhere in the world, they wouldn’t care unless it spreads to their continent, especially to their own country. On the other hand, when we look at American military history, we see that there has been no war on their lands for centuries. The American army conducts military operations even in the most remote corners of the world, participates in wars, etc.

Therefore, no matter what the world agenda is, the USA has its own agenda. These days, America is shaken by two events. The first is the case of the perverted and trickster billionaire Jeffrey Epstein, and the second is the mysterious and frightening tunnel found under a synagogue.

Today, I will write about the Epstein case that shook America and, additionally, the Jimmy Savile case, which is almost similar and at least as interesting as this one. The difference of this article from others is that we will discuss these two real cases focusing on two documentaries. There are documentaries about both names on Netflix. We will analyze these documentaries, but first, we need to summarize the heroes mentioned and their cases.

Let’s start right away. Our first name is businessman Jeffrey Epstein, who lived in America for many years with great success and fame. His life is very interesting.

Epstein, a millionaire known for his relationships with celebrities, politicians, billionaires, and academic stars, was first arrested in 2005 in Palm Beach, Florida, after being accused of paying a 14-year-old girl for sex.

Dozens of other minors also spoke of similar sexual abuse, but prosecutors eventually allowed the financier to plead guilty in 2008 to a single charge related to one victim. He spent 13 months in prison with a work release program.

Some famous acquaintances of Epstein, including former presidents Bill Clinton and Donald Trump, abandoned him after his conviction, but many did not. Epstein continued to mingle with the rich and famous for another ten years, often through charitable work.

A report by the Miami Herald reignited interest in the scandal, and federal prosecutors in New York charged Epstein in 2019 with ‘sex trafficking’. He died by suicide in prison while awaiting trial.

The U.S. Attorney in Manhattan later prosecuted Epstein’s former girlfriend Ghislaine Maxwell for helping him recruit underage victims. Maxwell was found guilty in 2021 and sentenced to 20 years in prison.

So who is this Jeffrey Epstein? Jeffrey Epstein was born on January 20, 1953, in Brooklyn, New York. His mother Pauline worked part-time as an assistant in a school, and his father

Seymour was a groundskeeper for the New York City Parks and Recreation Department. Epstein grew up in a middle-class environment with his younger brother, Mark.

Epstein, who was quite intelligent, skipped two grades and graduated from Lafayette High School in Brooklyn at the age of 16. He enrolled in Cooper Union and later at New York University in the early 1970s, but he did not graduate from either institution.

He managed to find a job teaching math and physics at Dalton School, a prep school in the Upper East Side, in 1974 by faking a diploma. However, this job was short-lived; he was dismissed two years later for “poor performance.”

Before leaving his teaching position at Dalton School, Epstein had managed to establish an important connection with the family of one of his students: Alan Greenberg, the CEO of Bear Stearns.

Impressed by Epstein’s affinity with numbers, Greenberg offered him a position at Bear Stearns in 1976, and Epstein quickly rose through the ranks to advise the firm’s wealthiest clients.

After leaving Bear Stearns in 1981, Epstein founded his own financial consulting firm, Intercontinental Assets Group Inc., where he helped clients recover embezzled funds and also assisted clients who had embezzled funds. During this period, he began telling his friends and colleagues that he was working as an intelligence agent, a claim that was never verified. However, his relationship with powerful businessmen who had deals with various governments and his extensive overseas travels in the mid-1980s suggested that his claim could be true.

In 1987, Epstein began consulting for Tower Financial Corporation, a collection agency that turned into a half-billion-dollar Ponzi scheme. Epstein was said to be one of the masterminds behind this scheme, but he left Tower a few years before its collapse in 1993, escaping unscathed.

Donald Trump’s name has been intriguingly singled out from the Epstein case.

In 1988, Epstein founded J. Epstein & Company, a financial management firm that was claimed to serve only billionaires (later renamed Financial Trust Company). During this period, he became the financial advisor to billionaire Leslie Wexner, the CEO of L Brands and Victoria’s Secret. From the mid-1990s, he moved his company to the U.S. Virgin Islands to avoid paying taxes.

In the early 2000s, Epstein expanded his portfolio to include financing media companies, developing a securities fund, and investing in hedge funds and startups. He also established the nonprofit Jeffrey Epstein VI Foundation, donating millions to institutions like Harvard University. To this day, no one has been able to fully uncover the various sources of his extraordinary wealth.

Epstein, whose net worth was stated in billions (though Forbes disputes this), led a jet-set lifestyle and mingled with the world’s elite, including former Presidents Bill Clinton and Donald Trump, Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates, actor Kevin Spacey, lawyer Alan Dershowitz, and Prince Andrew, who was embroiled in controversy for years after a young woman, provided by Epstein, claimed she was forced into sexual relations with the prince starting in 1999 when she was a teenager. Prince Andrew stepped back from royal duties in 2019 and paid a settlement to the accuser in 2022.

It is reported that Epstein provided underage girls and young women to his powerful friends and installed extensive surveillance systems in his properties in New York, Palm Beach, and the U.S. Virgin Islands to record sexual activities for blackmail purposes.

Sin Island Continuing his business activities in the U.S. Virgin Islands, Epstein bought a 72-acre island called Little St James in 1998 for $8 million. It is alleged that he conducted his sex trafficking operations there and that most of his pedophilic activities took place on this island. It is said that some of the youngest girls brought to the island were 12 years old.

Breeding Farm At this point, we need to know two concepts: Eugenics and Transhumanism.

Eugenics is a practice and thought system aimed at ‘improving’ the human race genetically. It became popular in the 19th and 20th centuries, usually promoting the reproduction of people with intelligent, healthy, and ‘desirable’ traits, while aiming to prevent the reproduction of people with ‘undesirable’ genetic traits. (There is a great movie called Gattaca on this subject)

Eugenics has led to many ethical, moral, and human rights issues in history. It played a significant role in the racist and discriminatory policies of Nazi Germany and is generally considered a concept with a negative past today.

Transhumanism, on the other hand, is a movement based on the idea of improving and transforming the human condition through technology and science. This can aim to improve human intelligence, physical abilities, and health, and even progress towards immortality. Transhumanism is closely related to advances in areas such as genetic engineering, artificial intelligence, bionics, and nanotechnology. Transhumanists emphasize the potential of these technologies in shaping the future of humanity and often argue that technology can fundamentally improve human life.

In summary, both concepts bring ethical, philosophical, and social discussions and raise deep questions about humanity, identity, and morality.

Let’s continue with Epstein.

This strange and frightening man, Epstein, who believed in eugenics and transhumanism, according to an article published in the New York Times in August 2019, bought a ranch near Stanley, New Mexico, and planned to impregnate at least 20 women there to “seed the human race with his DNA.”

Among Epstein’s other unusual ideas was his desire to freeze his head and genitals, believing that genetic technology might one day bring them back to life.

In 2005, the family of a 14-year-old girl told authorities in Palm Beach, Florida, that Epstein had sexually abused their daughters. Although dozens of young women and minors who claimed to have been sexually abused by Epstein were eventually revealed, in the end, he was only charged with two crimes: soliciting a minor for prostitution and procuring a

minor for prostitution.

While Epstein was on trial, he made a “sweet deal” with Florida authorities, accepting serious prostitution charges. In 2008, he spent 13 months of his 18-month prison sentence with generous work release and was ordered to pay compensation to three dozen (exactly 36 young girls) victims and have his name registered in the sex offenders list.

Meanwhile, some newspapers had written a very interesting detail, which unfortunately seems to be forgotten now: It turned out that Alexander Acosta, the U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of Florida at that time, thought he had no choice but to offer Epstein a lenient deal, because it was told to Acosta that the financier was secretly working for the government!

However, Epstein was not untouchable. When Florida authorities arrested him in July 2019 on suspicion of trafficking minors for sex, his luck ran out. Epstein, who denied the crime, was denied bail and sent to the Metropolitan Correctional Center in New York to await trial.

On July 23, 2019, Epstein was found injured in his cell and placed on suicide watch. Less than three weeks later, on the morning of August 10, 2019, Epstein’s body was found in his cell at the Manhattan Metropolitan Correctional Center.

A document stuck in the evidence of this complex and bulky case: Clinton with a young girl.

There are many conspiracy theories about this suspicious death. The most popular ones are that Epstein was the victim of a murder and that he actually faked his own death and is now living his days in a remote part of the world.

The case came to attention again in 2019 with a series of stories titled “Perversion of Justice” published by The Miami Herald. These stories would reveal a secret deal that helped Epstein avoid federal charges.

Those curious can read the FBI records related to this case in detail. (Which I do not recommend as my stomach could not take it)

What do the records say?

Let me summarize some of the points that stand out from the records of this case, which would almost make a volume:

The disclosed documents related to Epstein include the names of famous figures such as Donald Trump, Bill Clinton, Prince Andrew, Michael Jackson, and Stephen Hawking. None of these individuals face accusations but are mentioned in documents for their connections with Epstein.

Johanna Sjoberg, one of Epstein’s victims who testified in a lawsuit against him, stated that she met Michael Jackson at Epstein’s home in Palm Beach, Florida, but did not experience any inappropriate situation with the famous pop icon.

Court records include statements from Epstein’s victims and detail his relationships with famous and powerful individuals. Documents also exist of Epstein’s past friendships with figures like Bill Clinton and Prince Andrew of England.

There are thousands of documents in the case file.

Documents related to a lawsuit filed in 2015 by Virginia Giuffre, one of Epstein’s victims, were against Epstein’s former girlfriend, Ghislaine Maxwell. Maxwell was convicted in 2021 for her role in recruiting victims for Epstein and sentenced to 20 years in prison.

Epstein’s crimes attracted widespread attention, especially in 2019 with the peak of the Me Too movement. During this time, many women came forward with allegations of rape and harassment against powerful men.

Lastly, I can recommend an article about Jeffrey Epstein that I found very useful.

In my next article, I will talk about a similar character, British Jim Savile.

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