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Unraveling the July 15 False Flag: Admiral Cihat Yaycı’s Startling Confessions Expose Conspiracy with Erdogan in Helicopter Journey

As the anniversary of July 15 approaches, Admiral Cihat Yaycı, the “black box” of the July 15 coup attempt, continues to reveal new information, inadvertently disclosing the truths surrounding the events of that day. Yaycı recently confessed to being with President Tayyip Erdogan in a helicopter on the night of July 15th.

It has long been speculated that Cihat Yaycı was the individual who accompanied AKP-affiliated President Erdogan and urged him to declare himself the “supreme commander” that night. Until this year, Yaycı denied this connection, but a couple of weeks ago, he admitted to coincidentally being together with Erdogan at a hotel in Marmaris. Now, he has inadvertently disclosed that he also traveled with Erdogan in a helicopter outside the hotel.

During a TV5 program, Yaycı stated, “When we (Erdogan and his wife) came by helicopter…” revealing that he had been on a helicopter journey with the Erdogan family that night. This revelation invalidates his previous claim that he was with Erdogan in the same Hotel by just a coincidence.

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