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Unveiling the Deep-Rooted Corruption and Institutional Decay in Turkey

In the past, when faced with extraordinary evil, people would say, “Stones will rain down on our heads!” When the subject was revealed, the phrase ‘apocalypse will break out’ described the severity of the situation. Things are happening in Turkey, and the people digest it so easily that now, not stones but mountains would need to rain down to cleanse it. Those supposed to be guardians have become killers of the law. The security bureaucracy has become mafia-like, and the judiciary has become a cover-up for filth. The saying “the salt has lost its flavor” is not enough to summarize the situation; the salt is the very source of the disease. The worst part is that the people have become accustomed to all of it, almost normalizing it. They react to it as if it were a mosquito bite, if they react at all; after a small reflex, they continue with their lives as if nothing happened.

Meral Akşener stepped forward and said there are police chiefs who operate brothels using orphaned girls from orphanages as capital. Neither she, the public, nor the judiciary are following up on these apocalypse-inducing words… Not even a superficial investigation or a statement to save face was made. The leader of the İYİ Party, a former interior minister, promised to follow up but then ignored the issue.

A similar event is happening these days. Following Süleyman Soylu’s departure from the Ministry of Interior, a confessor emerged from one of the collapsed gangs, led by Ayhan Bora Kaplan. This man is not just testifying; he is substantiating his claims with videos and photographs.

One of his most important allegations is that the head of the Anti-Organized Crime Branch was Kaplan’s drug courier. The man we equipped with an ID and a gun, and paid a salary to fight against the mafia, was a drug courier for the mafia. These events took place in 2016, and this person is Necati Çevik.

According to those who know him, it was clear from his academy days where he was headed. From his first assignments, he consistently followed the same path. Wherever there was a swamp in Ankara, his trail would be found. He was assigned to Ardahan for eastern service, where he did not stay out of trouble. He took advantage of the proximity to Georgia. Naturally, upon his return to Ankara, his path crossed with Melih Gökçek.

He was one of the ‘suitable for everything’ team that hit the jackpot in the big purge in the police force after the December 17-25 corruption operations. Those days, sitting in the chair of the KOM Branch Director provided him with the opportunity for ‘close work’ with Ayhan Bora Kaplan. Kaplan’s prospects brightened even more after the July 15 coup attempt and Süleyman Soylu became minister.

Due to the internal balances within the police and the spear no longer fitting in the sack, he was appointed from the Deputy Director of Ankara Police to the same position in Bayburt. This was a significant demotion. After Ayhan Bora Kaplan was taken down, he suffered another blow and was made a lecturer at a police training center.

POMEM is where police candidates receive their initial training related to the profession. A man with such a heavy file is in charge of training police. I understand this is a sidelining, but why he was not directly suspended is a question that needs to be asked. His role on the night of July 15 might explain this.

That night, as the duty branch director, he went to the General Staff Junction around 18:00-19:00 following radio announcements; there, he saw that the provincial Police Director and other police chiefs had arrived before him. They surrounded the General Staff Headquarters with bulletproof vests and long-barreled guns. At that time, nobody knew anything, and most likely, the MİT Undersecretary Hakan Fidan was inside in a meeting with Hulusi Akar; Necati Çevik and his superiors’ guess was ‘chaos caused by a soldier who had a breakdown’…

As if a resident of a nursing home had a breakdown and the police surrounded the place to rescue hostages. They went to intervene against a soldier having a breakdown in a place guarded by the country’s most elite armed force, the Special Forces… if you buy that.

He made such big blunders in his statement to the Parliamentary Investigation Commission that we can say he was one of the reasons the report evaporated. The above statement, if read to someone of average intelligence, would explain what July 15 was. The heroes(!) of that ominous night are being exposed one by one.

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