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Unveiling the Facade of Truth and Accountability in Turkey’s Political Landscape

I always say this, but due to its importance, I will repeat it once more; one of the biggest problems in Turkey is ‘rote learning’. It doesn’t matter which economic or social group you belong to… The majority of society prefers to repeat the rote learned information that suits them, instead of researching, learning, and becoming informed.

Even if you present evidence proving their ‘memorizations’ wrong, they continue to repeat the same lies and rote information as if nothing happened. Let’s take a look together at the popular discussion topics of recent days.

Everyone is talking about the news that the ‘Council of State reinstated 450 judges and prosecutors’. Members of the Erdogan-Ergenekon alliance are all chanting the same lie in unison. Since the Erdogan regime completely controls the media, everyone is left with the lies of people like Nedim Sener. Then there are clinical cases like Nurettin Veren, who now fall under the purview of medicine.

However, there are neither 450 judges and prosecutors reinstated in one stroke, nor is Erdogan unaware of the issue! They are playing theater in front of everyone’s eyes again. Journalists who write, legal experts who comment, and politicians who tweet repeat the lie and memorization of “450 judges and prosecutors reinstated in one stroke” without even feeling the need to research what happened.

On top of lies, they push analyses suggesting ‘the government is reconciling with the Gülen Movement’. Imagine, the situation has reached such a point that the Council of State had to make an official statement. The essence of the matter is this; out of 5,112 judges-prosecutors expelled since 2017, the decision for 435 was canceled by the Board of Judges and Prosecutors (HSK).

This is not even 10% of those expelled!

A Council of State member told Ismail Saymaz, “We didn’t reinstate even those who were acquitted or the investigations against whom were dropped!” openly admitting to arbitrariness. The public is outraged not because only 5,112 judges and prosecutors were expelled based on profiling over seven years, but because only 435 of them have been reinstated after all these years.

As the former Minister of Culture, Ertugrul Gunay said, “Then declare that there is no law, govern by decree.”

The scandal doesn’t end here!

Following Erdogan’s return from Egypt, the statement he made, “We will follow up on the Council of State’s decision,” led the Minister of Justice, Yilmaz Tunç, to announce that the Board of Judges and Prosecutors has started re-examination for 387 individuals.

That meant, “We received the order!”

However, no politician, legal expert, or journalist asked, “What will HSK examine in a finalized decision? If an administrative board can examine a finalized judicial decision, what kind of judicial independence is that?”

So, what happened?

So-called opposition politicians, journalists, legal experts, or academics are all chewing the ‘FETÖ’ gum that Erdogan spat out. How could these people turn back? Were the 250 martyrs in vain? Instead of calling the Erdogan regime to account and reminding it of the law, they continue to blame the victim.

None of those who stir the pot, appear on screens to comment, look into the files. If they did, they would see even the regime’s judiciary can’t handle the absurd accusations.

A similar situation is happening in discussions about July 15th.

Abdurrahman Dilipak, one of the wise men of political Islam and the Erdogan regime, wrote that the government knew the finest details of the July 15th coup attempt four months in advance.

Actually, what sparked this debate was my dossier titled “The President’s July 15th Rockets”. Following my publication, Dilipak shared it with his followers and then tweeted his now-infamous post. Of course, this caused an uproar.

In truth, there was nothing shocking about what Dilipak said. Because anyone with minimal intelligence knows this to be the truth. Besides, tons of information, documents, and testimonies confirm Erdogan owns July 15th.

The originality of Dilipak’s words lies here; Dilipak is not just anyone. He is known as one of the ‘deep’ pens of the ruling neighborhood. Moreover, for the first time, a thought leader from the AKP side shook the official narrative.

This was very important. As expected, MHP leader Devlet Bahçeli got very angry and lashed out at Dilipak.

But my point is not there. It’s normal for Bahçeli or Erdogan to react harshly. And so is the Ergenekon faction. Because they changed the regime in the country with the July 15th plot. Now, they are reaping the benefits.

My attention is on the ‘opposition’ faction. Or more accurately, the ‘so-called opposition’ faction.

Think about it; someone from the ruling faction says they knew the finest details of July 15th four months in advance. Previously, Yusuf Kaplan had also revealed live on TV that Erdogan had made a deal with Kemalist soldiers before July 15th. Former Chief of General Staff Intelligence Director Ismail Hakkı Pekin and retired general Ahmet Yavuz also shared similar things on TV screens. In other words, Dilipak announced the known, confirming the known.

In such a situation, what should have happened? The opposition, independent journalists, academics, representatives of civil society, and most importantly, the relatives of those who lost their lives that night should have stood up and said, “You knowingly sent our loved ones to death, even killed them.”

“Why didn’t you prevent it if you knew?” they didn’t ask. So, what happened?

From politicians to journalists, all of them keep repeating the known ‘FETÖ’ memorizations. Turning back to the regime’s narratives, those who pretend to question the regime’s narrative, mostly White Turks, process the thesis, “The Gülen Movement attempted a coup, the government knew, let it happen, and made its own coup.”

Despite thousands of pieces of evidence proving this thesis wrong and numerous publications exposing it, they act as if they haven’t heard or seen any of it.

While the components of the Erdogan-Ergenekon regime are determined not to discuss July 15th, those supposedly in opposition are looking for an opportunity to “End the Gülen Movement and get rid of both the Erdogan regime and the July 15th coup” instead of seeking the truth.

Therefore, they keep repeating the regime’s initial narratives as if none of the information, documents, testimonies, and confessions that emerged existed. By doing so, by singing the regime’s song, they think they will escape Erdogan’s wrath. They even go a step further and blame the Gülen Movement for everything going wrong in the country.

However, where was the economy when the Hizmet Movement supported the Erdogan regime, where were we in the democracy index, in the independence of the judiciary index, in the corruption index, and where are we now?

What’s even more bizarre is this; those with a record of torture, abduction, and burning in acid wells are appearing on screens talking about ethics and morality. For people with conscience and sound mind, we are going through a nightmarish period.

However, as someone who has been observing politics for many years and knows Erdogan’s mindset, let me remind these circles; no matter how much you sing the Erdogan regime’s tune, no matter how much you slander innocent people, your end will not change. Even if you appear to have sworn allegiance to Erdogan, you will not escape.

After the local elections, Erdogan will implement the last few items on his agenda. The lawlessness, oppression, and collapses that some of you kept silent about, and some applauded, will come to your neighborhood too. If Erdogan lives long enough, you can see what he will do to you by looking at what has happened in the last ten years.

Keep singing the ‘FETÖ’ tune against the speeding train coming at you!

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Adem Yavuz Arslan
Adem Yavuz Arslan
Adem Yavuz Aslan is a leading Turkish investigative journalist in exile based in Washington, D.C.


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