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Urgent International Action Called for Release of Critically Ill Detainee Ramazan Taşkıran

In a distressing development, Ramazan Taşkıran, a detainee with a 93% disability and severe kidney disease, remains imprisoned under life-threatening conditions, sparking urgent calls for international intervention for his release. His daughters, Rana and Seniha Taşkıran, have voiced grave concerns about his deteriorating health, underscoring the dire need for immediate medical attention and release.

Rana Taşkıran, in a recent video message, revealed the alarming state of her father’s health. “My father’s condition is rapidly worsening. He was emergency hospitalized last Thursday and is now even weaker, barely able to eat,” she said. She highlighted the urgency of the situation, noting that her father was unable to receive necessary dialysis, a critical life-saving procedure.

Seniha Taşkıran, echoing her sister’s sentiments, pleaded for immediate action. “My father is deteriorating every day. He desperately needs dialysis, which he can’t receive in his current state. We urgently request his release for medical treatment before it’s too late,” she implored.

Ramazan Taşkıran’s incarceration follows a nine-year sentence linked to his association with a local businessmen’s group. Despite his severe medical condition, which requires 15 hours of dialysis daily, he has been deemed fit to stay in a prison with a medical ward, a decision that has now come under intense scrutiny.

The Taşkıran family’s plea for international intervention highlights the critical and urgent need for Ramazan Taşkıran’s release on humanitarian grounds. Their call to action stresses not only the importance of upholding human rights but also the immediate need to address the grave health risks faced by Taşkıran in detention.

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