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US Treasury Announces Sanctions Against Seven Turkish Firms for Aiding Russian Military

In a significant move, the US Treasury Department has announced sanctions targeting over 150 entities worldwide, including seven Turkish firms, for their involvement in supplying military equipment to Russia. This action is part of the US’s broader strategy to curb Russia’s military capabilities amid the ongoing conflict in Ukraine.

Secretary of State Antony Blinken emphasized the US’s commitment to holding accountable those who support Russia’s war efforts. ‘We will continue to leverage every tool at our disposal to address Russia’s war crimes in Ukraine and to hold those enabling the Russian war machine responsible,’ he stated.

Treasury Secretary Janet L. Yellen pointed out the Kremlin’s shift towards a war economy and noted, ‘Putin’s war effort relies heavily on external support, as it cannot sustain itself on domestic resources alone.’

The latest sanctions were detailed on the Treasury Department’s website, highlighting the global network Russia has been utilizing. ‘We observe Russia’s reliance on countries like Turkey, the UAE, and China for critical technology and equipment necessary for its war economy. This includes complex international networks and third-country intermediaries,’ the statement read.

The Turkish companies facing sanctions include Bosporus Eurasia, Egetir Automotive, Globus Turkey Logistics, Kartal Exim, Konomar Ship Electrical and Electronics, Megasan Electronic Trade and Industry, and Özkaya Automotive Products Marketing Industry and Trade Corporation. These sanctions reflect the US’s ongoing efforts to disrupt the supply chains supporting Russia’s military actions.”

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