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Vladimir Putin’s Anticipated Visit to Turkey Remains Unconfirmed; Erdogan Prepares for Another Trip to Russia

Despite earlier optimism, Russian President Vladimir Putin’s visit to Turkey appears uncertain. On August 4th, President Erdogan had announced that Putin would be visiting Turkey by the end of the month. However, recent reports suggest that this planned visit might not materialize.

Arif Asalıoğlu, General Director of the Institute for Scientific Development Cooperation (MIRNAS), shared his insights on the matter, stating, “Once again, Erdogan is poised for a trip to Russia as it seems Putin couldn’t be convinced to make the journey here. According to reports from reputable Russian outlets like Interfax News Agency and Business FM, Erdogan is expected to travel to Russia soon for a face-to-face meeting with Vladimir Putin, likely scheduled for September.”

Responding to questions about the reopening of the grain corridor, Erdogan, who was returning from Hungary and had journalists on board his plane, explained, “In September, there are significant international events, including the G-20 meeting in India and the United Nations General Assembly in the United States. Amidst this busy schedule, if the opportunity arises, we will meet with Mr. Putin in person to discuss matters. Additionally, in the near future, our Foreign Minister may embark on a trip to Russia. The importance of face-to-face meetings in this context cannot be overstated, and it’s expected that this approach will yield more precise results.”

In his initial announcement on August 4th, Erdogan had indicated that Russian President Vladimir Putin’s visit to Turkey was expected to take place within the month of August. Erdogan stated, “The specific date has not yet been confirmed. My Intelligence Chief and Foreign Minister are currently engaged in necessary negotiations. Rest assured, this visit will occur sometime this August.”

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