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Why English Court rejected the extradition of Turkish businessman Akin Ipek back to Turkey?

Following news I am about to provide certifies that everything done in Turkey in the name of law is actually illegal.

One of a kind…

This particularly concerns tens of thousands of people who have been imprisoned for over 2 years and hundreds of thousands of people who are not imprisoned but condemned to hunger outside.


Westminster Magistrates Court rejected the extradition request of Turkey for Akin Ipek, Ali Celik, Talip Buyuk, and Mustafa Yesil on 28 November 2018, Wednesday.

It was a breaking news

But I will not write about this in this article.


The judge, who heard the case, rejected the extradition requests with the following statement: “The case is political. There is no fair trial in Turkey. There is maltreatment in prisons. There is no evidence for the accusations.”

And then…

Then, he gave his 20-page justified decision to the parties.

The news I am about to provide is from that justified decision.

Turkish Ministry of Justice submits a document to the English court on 8 November 2018. And this document was added to the court file as evidence.


Turkish Ministry of Justice states in this document:

“FETO cases can be appealed in Supreme Court. Since the beginning of 2018, 40% of the court decisions were reversed because of the following reasons:

The convictions and punishments based on defendant being a sympathizer of Fethullah Gulen and his organization.

ByLock messaging application cannot be used as evidence if the application is not used for criminal activities.

Any activities towards aiding FETO financially is not an evidence of being a member of the organization.

The convictions cannot be based solely on witness testimonies and other evidences obtained by the police. The court must consider the other evidences submitted by the defendants.


Not finished.

Turkish Ministry of Justice continues:

“It does not mean that an individual could be deemed as a member or supporter of FETO and will be find guilty because somebody simply says so, and/or it does not mean that the conviction will not be approached properly in the appealing process.”


Do you know what that means?

The Supreme Court decisions and with the assertion of the Turkish Ministry of Justice:

Being related with The Movement

Being detected using ByLock in mobile phone

  • Any financial relations with the institutions of The Movement
  • Secret witness testimonies alone etc…


Even if the individual was accused with these, it was reversed in the appealing process.


Being able to say “There is rule of law in our country” made Turkey write this letter to England, and it was appended to record in a world-wide reputable court.

However, since the English judge was not convinced, he did approve the extradition request in the final hearing in London on Wednesday.


This decision sets an example for everybody who wants to claim rights

Both in Turkey and the whole world.

Let them have it, and show it to whoever they need to answer.

They cannot dare to deny, do not worry.

The document is already filed.

The article above first appeared at tr/724.com in Turkish and translated by Politurco.

Tarik Toros is the former editor-in-chief of Turkish News Channel Kanal Turk.

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