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Will Movies About Gaza Replace Holocaust Films?

Yalim Eralp*

Films have long been made about the Nazi atrocities against Jews, a trend that continues. Here, we must tip our hats to Jewish filmmakers. Additionally, Holocaust museums have been opened. Camps where Jews were tortured still stand as museums. I visited one in Poland. It tore me apart. I can’t forget a man showing me a picture on the wall and saying, ‘This is my brother.’

I have been expecting films about Russia’s attack on Ukraine for years to come. I apologize, Mr. Zelensky, Gaza is set to take precedence.

The state and people of Israel are of high quality. They’ve achieved great things in the desert. But the atrocities committed in Gaza these days are unforgettable. Even countries, states, NGOs, and people most sympathetic to Israel are horrified. Israel and the Jewish people have squandered the sympathy they’ve garnered over a century in just a few weeks. I understand the trauma caused by the atrocities committed by Hamas on October 7th. But violence should not be answered with violence. The Palestinians you face are not Nazis. Don’t take your anger out on them. Don’t compete with the atrocities in Sudan!

Why don’t you stop the eviction of civilian Palestinians who don’t harvest olives from their fields!

Elon Musk rightly says that for every killed Hamas member, even more will rise.

Of course, I respect and remember the doctors, UN staff, civil society workers, and journalists who work under bombs, trying to save lives and dying in the process. Likewise, I salute the Israeli ex-state officials and public who protest the war. Their stance is not easy… The only voice from Europe right now is French President Macron, calling for a ceasefire.

Germany still hasn’t overcome its genocide syndrome… I see the recent visit of the German Foreign Minister to the region as a pathetic attempt. Still speaking with the voice of the USA.

My heart can’t bear to watch movies about children dying every ten minutes.

I hope that new Hamases won’t emerge and that the two-state solution in Palestine will become a reality.

Who will play Netanyahu, Biden, and Blinken in the movies? Even if I were a great actor, I wouldn’t want to portray Netanyahu.

Will violations of the laws of war be forgotten? I fear legally nothing can be done: Who will establish a court like the Nuremberg Trials after World War II or the Special Court for the Bosnian War? Can it escape the U.S. veto in the UN Security Council!

I see that the U.S. is no longer as vocal about the attacks on Ukraine. How could it be! The U.S., claiming to be the world leader, should not have been a toy in Netanyahu’s hands.”

*Yalim Eralp is a former Turkish Ambassador and a columnist for Serbestiyet.com.

This article originally was published in Serbestiyet.com and translated into English by Politurco.

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