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Turkey’s Nationalist Leader Devlet Bahçeli Issues Stern Warning to Israel: We Will Protect Gaza If Ceasefire Fails

Devlet Bahçeli, the leader of the Nationalist Movement Party (MHP), provided his perspective on the conflicts between Israel and Hamas through his social media account. Bahçeli stated, “If an immediate ceasefire cannot be achieved within the next 24 hours, if the attacks continue relentlessly, and if bombs continue to rain down on the oppressed, then Turkey should swiftly intervene and do whatever is necessary in line with its historical, humanitarian, and faith-based responsibility. Protecting and supporting Gaza is our ancestral legacy.”

He pointed out that Gaza has been experiencing a series of humanitarian disasters for the past two weeks, with the savage attacks reaching genocidal proportions. In the last 24 hours alone, 352 Palestinians have lost their lives due to Israeli attacks. Since October 7, 4,385 of our Palestinian brothers and sisters have been tragically taken from us. Among them, 1,756 children and nearly 1,000 women have been ruthlessly killed.

The international community seems to be passively watching the series of ongoing and continuous murders in Gaza, as if they were watching a horror movie. There has been no sound or reaction to speak of. The decision and sanction mechanisms of the United Nations are deadlocked, and even a temporary ceasefire declaration cannot be made due to the veto of the United States.

The Islamic Cooperation Organization’s meeting has also produced no tangible results. There has been no genuine effort or intention to bring relief apart from simple condemnation messages. Even the “Peace Summit for Gaza” held in Cairo has not yielded any results so far.

Turkey, on the other hand, has consistently brought its humanitarian, ethical, and legal arguments to the forefront on the world stage, aiming for the cessation of bloodshed and the end of humanitarian tragedies.

The immediate establishment of a ceasefire regime and the manifestation of the will for a two-state solution, with the recognition of an independent and sovereign Palestinian state within the 1967 borders, with East Jerusalem as its capital, are the only viable solutions to escape the current darkness. Turkey’s offer of guarantorship to open the knot between Israel and Palestine is a highly rational, correct, and strategic initiative.

As it appears, the conflict between Israel and Palestine is not only continuing but escalating and spreading with a sinister design, maintaining its effectiveness categorically. Certainly, this bloody and devastating process should not continue in this way. While the world is buried in the silence of lambs, no one who declares, “I am a human being” as the young lambs of Gaza die should remain silent, especially the Turkish nation. We cannot and should not remain silent.

Our call as the Nationalist Movement Party is this: If a ceasefire cannot be established within the next 24 hours, if the attacks do not cease, if the bombing of the oppressed persistently continues, I openly share with my nation that Turkey must swiftly step in and do whatever is necessary in line with its historical, humanitarian, and faith-based responsibility. Assuming the mission of protecting and supporting Gaza is our ancestral legacy.

The Republic of Turkey is ready to make Gaza a city of smiling children and a place of peace and security for our brothers. It is capable of it, and praise be to God, it is powerful. The Turkish nation and all believers stand by our President in his active and multidimensional diplomatic struggle.

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